Creature information
Scientific name : Cretoxyrhina mantelli
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Fatalities caused : several baby Tylosaurus
Appearances : Evolution's Winners

Shark about to eat mosasaur baby

Cretoxyrhina was a large shark of the Cretaceous that lived in the western interior seaway.[99-83]

In Dinosaur Episodes of dinosaur Revolution Edit

In this show Cretoxyrhina was identified as a shark. The coloration was like a zebra although this was not likely. In "Evolution's Winners" a group of 3 sharks was shown attacking a mosasaur's newborn babies taking down a few before the mother attacks and kills all the sharks although mosasaurs may not have defended their young.

List of scientific errors Edit

  • It's "zebra shark" coloration is not very believable.
  • it couldn't take down a mosasaur, at least a full-grown adult.
  • While Cretoxyrhina itself is extinct sharks have remained alive today.

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