The first dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Revolution is a four-part English nature documentary produced by Creative Differences. It utilizes computer-generated imagery to portray some dinosaurs and other animals from the Mesozoic era (and a brief scene of the Paleozoic and Cenozoic era). The program was originally aired on the Discovery Channel and Science.


The new Dinosaur Revolution design of T-rex.

Dinosaur Revolution was released to mixed reviews, with some citing the quality of its animation and a lack of seriousness in its tone as reasons for criticism. It was, however, praised for its educational content and general energy.

Evolution's Winners Edit



In the begining of Dinosaur Revolution is shown a cockroach being almost stepped by a theriodont Inostrancevia in the Permian-Triassic extinction (250 M.y). The same Inostrancevia finds one other of it's kind eating a carcass. The two Inostrancevias fought each other with a competition of roars. Their fight continued without any fisical contact. Then a meteorite crashed in the carcass and the two predators ran in the same direction. The second Inostrancevia is killed by a meteorite. Then the other is killed by a splash of lava. This will be the birth of Dinosaur Revolution.


Male Eoraptors

Later, there's a herd of Jachalerias or Ischigualastias in the vast Late Triassic desert of Argentina (230 M.y). In the middle of the herd there's a male Eoraptor or a Chromogisaurus, one of the first dinosaurs. The dinosaur pecks the giant dicynodont but always alert. But a Saurosuchus or a Procerosuchus appears in the scene. The male Eoraptor uses is speed to escape from the predator. But the predator is occupied with the dicynodont and the small dinosaur escapes without injuries. It is unknown if the Ischigualastia survived. The male Eoraptor hears calls of it's species. Our male follow the sounds of it's own kind. He finds a all group of male Eoraptors singing to the females. Our male Eoraptor is on a reproduction spot with a group of males singing to the females with a mount of sand with a stick in the top. He understands the point and begans to do one. With success our male just needs to wait for the females. The females arrived just in time. One female in special is the target for our male. Most of the females are first atracted by the other males. Our male atracts precisely the female which was looking for but she rejects him because of the bad construction. The same female goes searching for a new mate. However, our male insists in being with the female. But a Saurosuchus attacks the reproduction spot and the female falls by accident. One Saurosuchus attacks the group and the female that is in the ground is advised by our male. The big predatory reptile chases the small dinosaurs. Then the two Eoraptors hided in a burrow to be safe from the dangerous Saurosuchus. The big reptile tries to ferret out the dinosaurs without any success. In the burrow, however, the male Eoraptor is overthrown by a Probelesodon. Our male kicks off the cynodont, however. But the Probelesodon is thrown to the Saurosuchus mouth and the big reptile leaves satisfied. Then the two Eoraptors mated.


Eoraptor and dead Ischigualastia

Later, the two Eoraptors had eggs but those were eated by a trio of Probelesodons. However the female kills two of them, one is just chased away. Just one egg hatched, and from there gets out a young male. The surviving Probelesodon is stalking the young male. The young is always tripping and is a easy target for the cynodont. But the father appears just in time, and kills the Probelesodon. The male protects the baby just like many modern birds. The baby follows his father and the two call to the female. The female responds but their calls were heard by a Saurosuchus. The male comes back with it's baby and show it to the female. The family finds a dead Ischigualastia in the way. The Eoraptor family sees a carcass of an Ischigualastia guarded by a fearce Saurosuchus. The giant predator chases the family. But the Saurosuchus fall down a cliff with the young Eoraptor. The giant reptile don't took very last to rise up. The young Eoraptor was the last to get up. But just when the Saurosuchus was to kill the baby, a trio of Ischigualastias approached the predator. The herbivores began to attack the Saurosuchus. In the middle of all the battle, the baby was there risking to be stepped. The big predator and two of the Ischigualastias died. There was something moving on the Saurosuchus throat. It was the baby that was below the big reptile's throat. The young male Eoraptor learned the lesson: stay close to his parents.

348704732 640


Later is shown a male Gigantoraptor in it's display spot in a open area of the Mongolian Late Cretaceous (70 M.y). The male shows is feathers and his scaly crest to a passing female. The male begins to dance. Just like a peackock, the female is not interessed on the color of the male, she wants the most beautiful male to his generacion become also very beautiful. But the male spot is fragile. The giant oviraptorosaur leaps and his ground becomes more fragile. The reason is the existence of an entire family of Zalambdalestes underground. The scared mammals run for their lifes and try to escape from a shortcut. But the exits were almost all blocked. A family of Zalambdalestes try to escape from it's burrow almost to crumble and a big Gigantoraptor continued to march above it. The mammal family needed to across a bridge of roots risking to fall. But when they across there's now wayout. Finnaly the giant omnivore made a hole on the burrow with it's foot. The male made it's display spot in the wrong place. The female retreats because she didn't like him. The family of Zalambdalestes climbed the foot of the Gigantoraptor but just one baby didn't get it. The big male rised up and followed the female. The mother Zalambdalestes recovers the baby and goes back to the surface. With the mammal family recovered, the Gigantoraptor males began to make a frenzied display to a female.

DR Cryolopho


Later, is shown a female Cryolophosaurus checking her eggs in a Antarctic forest of the Early Jurassic (188 M.y). Her mate comes back with a fern on it's mouth to put it on the nest. After that, another male appears close to the couple. The intruder is larger and with bigger crests and he easily can inspect the other male's territory. He is interessed in the female, and to have her he needs to fight with the smaller male. First, the intruder changes his normal color to a strong red. The owner of the territory approaches. Then they fought each other. The smaller one hits the intruder with his head. But the big male overthrows him to the ground for a brief time, before the smaller one gets up again. A small male Cryolophosaurus is on a fight with a bigger intruder and he is kicked. The intruder rip his crests puting the battle into an end. The smaller male lies down in pain. The intruder then approaches to the female. The big male inspects her eggs and break them. The bigger Cryolophosaurus retreats with proud. The female sees the broken eggs and his maternal care wasted. The male stays laying down looking to his female following a new mate.

130px-125,521,0,349-Dinosaur Revolution vs. Mosasaur Rampage vs. Squalicorax Sharks 1

Cretolamna being attacked by a Mosasaurus

Later, is shown a group of Quetzalcoatlus flying above the Great Plains of North America, which were flooded by a vast inland sea, and in that ocean there is a female Mosasaurus trying to give birth in the Late Cretaceous (68 M.y). The adult female gives birth to two babies that can successfuly breed air in the surface. But three Cretolamnas appear and eat the two babies. The female passes threw a shoal of ammonites and tries to give birth to more babies. Three more babies born. Just one has successfuly breathe because the other two were eated by Cretolamnas. The surviving baby hides in the corals to be safe from the sharks. A baby Mosasaurus hides from sharks in the corals and calls for his mom. The gigantic sea reptile begans to chase the sharks. She kills two sharks to protect her baby. Now most of the sharks are killed and the baby is safe. Just missing one more Cretolamna. The last shark is shattered in many pieces of flesh. The Mosasaurus baby eats the rests of the dead shark. The mother even gives birth to more one safe and sound baby.



Back to the Antarctica there's a swarm of mosquitoes flying above the forest. The insects kill a monitor lizard with diseases transmited by them. Not far away, there's a male Glacialisaurus inspecting a neighbour herd. He approaches to lick the sap of the trees but is distracted by one of the herd's females. The male licks the female's snout covered with sap, but is interrupted by the local bigger male. The local male is to big and drives away the intruder. But the prossauropod is driven to the mosquito territory. The male Glacialisaurus goes to a muddy river, but there is a Cryolophosaurus stalking him. The herbivore notices the ambush. One male Glacialisaurus is on trouble, because is chased by a Cryolophosaurus and then a swarm of mosquitoes. The predatory dinosaur waits for the insect diseases take effect on the male. When the Glacialisaurus accidentaly swallows a mosquito he runs away. The herbivore scratches in a fallen tree. When the Cryolophosaurus arrives the Glacialisaurus loses balance and falls in the muddy river. Then the mosquitoes have get interessed in the predator. The confused predator, trying to get away from the insects, run accidentaly to the Glacialisaurus herd. The leader male thinks that is a hunt and flees. The females didn't run because they thinked that the Cryolophosaurus wanted the leader. With the herd unhindered the new male, covered in mud, looks superior and the mud also repels the mosquitoes. The male has become the new leader of the herd. The male finnaly vomits the mosquito that swallowed. In the end, is seen the Cryolophosaurus with the swarm running with the old Glacialisaurus leader.

The Watering Hole Edit



In the Portuguese night there is a mother Allosaurus and their cubs sleeping and a young Lourinhanosaurus screaming in the Late Jurassic (150 M.y). The mother roars to silence the small carnivore. But the Lourinhanosaurus continues and awakes all the Allosaurus family. The mother gets up and decapitates the small dinosaur. However, another young Lourinhanosaurus was there screaming too.


Young Allosaurus roaring to a Dinheirosaurus

Then is shown a herd of Dinheirosaurus walking to the watering hole. Not far away there's a young Allosaurus called Broken Jaw that is playing with a Lourinhanosaurus skull. The mother is with a carcass on it's mouth and then feeds the other youngs. However Broken Jaw was interessed in playing with the skull. The skull constantly bounces threw the prarie. But his toy stops in the foot of a giant Dinheirosaurus. One young sauropod approaches to Broken Jaw. The young is not happy with him. The Dinheirosaurus prepares to attack. His whip like tail can brake a predator's jaw. That's exactly what happened with Broken Jaw hence his name. A young Allosaurus broke is jaw by a whip like tail of a Dinheirosaurus and this gave is name Broken Jaw. His mother approached seeing Broken Jaw hurt. Sorry, the mother Allosaurus abandons his cub. But Broken Jaw continued calling his mother, but the attempts were unsuccessful. When he realised that, he just used the technique of surprise to get some food.

Dinheirosaurus dinosaur-revolution


Broken Jaw survived to the adult hood. He is seen with the open mouth and a Rhamphorhynchus pecking pieces of meat on it's teeth. He lives close to a watering hole which is rich in prey. But all the animals are alert when the giants of the watering hole arrive. The Dinheirosaurus is one of the favourite preys of Broken Jaw. In the herd there's the same individual that broke is jaw with his tail. Even the Dinheirosaurus recognizes his victim. Broken Jaw has to be careful with him. He pretends to seams to be disinterested. But Broken Jaw stalks one young Dinheirosaurus when there's no guard. He gets closer and closer to the prey. But it's enemy sees it and defends the young. The Allosaurus called Broken Jaw was stalking a young Dinheirosaurus but is old enemy threats him with it's powerful tail. The tail even destroyed a small dead tree! But Broken Jaw bites the Dinheirosaurus tail. The big predator rips the tail apart with it's strong jaw. Then he gets back to his post to eat it. Even the Rhamphorhynchus gets right to eat some crumbs of it's meal. But nof far away there's a new predator, larger and more agressive that can kill easily many armored Miragaias.

23120 00818 retouched

Allosaurus and Rhamphorhynchus

In the Broken Jaw's post there are lizards, cockroaches and other small creatures when the predator is sleeping. When he is not hunting, just leaves the post to drink. When Broken Jaw leaves, a young Lourinhanosaurus inspects his territory to find some scrabs of food. The small carnivore chases a lizard but the prey escapes. But he is quickly interested by the Rhamphorhynchus which is sitting on a tree eating some insects. To catch his prey, the Lourinhanosaurus climbs the tree. The pterosaur passes threw a hole in the tree and the young theropod tries to bite him. But the dinosaur has the head stuck in the hole. He tries to get free with all of his strength. When the Lourinhanosaurus gets free he accidentaly falls on Broken Jaw´s back. The small carnivore escapes without injuries from the giant hungry predator. Broken Jaw, then, is interested by the young Dinheirosaurus which is separating from the herd to explore. The Allosaurus began to stalk is prey. Not far away, the Rhamphorhynchus is feeding again on insects in the tree. He catches a cockroach but the insect falls in the ground. The Lourinhanosaurus catches the pterosaur, but in a bad moment because a giant predatory Torvosaurus appears and scares them off. Even the cockroach is forgotten by the Rhamphorhynchus. The Torvosaurus is larger and even surprises the giant Dinheirosaurus. Broken Jaw has interrupted the chase, preocupied with his territory which could be easily possessed by the new predator.


Allosaurus, a herd of Dinheirosaurus and some Miragaias.

Broken Jaw watches a Miragaia family walking in a open area, he knows that this armored animal is not for him. Suddenly, a Torvosaurus kills a baby without problems and this surprises the Dinheirosaurus which are also preoccupied with the new larger predator. Broken Jaw is more worried because he can lose is place of top predator. In the watering hole the Miragaia family have just now two babies. Broken Jaw gets out of his post to drink. But when he goes back to his post he realizes that is already occupied by the giant Torvosaurus. To chase the predator away, Broken Jaw tries a technique called threat display. The Dinheirosaurus watches the threating Allosaurus. But the Torvosaurus continues indifferent. Broken Jaw continues threatening but without any progress. But the Allosaurus make physical contact with the giant predator and the Torvosaurus fury is activated. The giant killer attack Broken Jaw and bites his pelvis. But he his distracted by the Lourinhanosaurus which was chasing a Rhamphorhynchus and the Allosaurus escapes. Broken Jaw hides to lick his wounds. Now there's a new king in the watering hole.



Now, the new king has the right to hunt Dinheirosaurus. The adult Dinheirosaurus, however, is watching to Broken Jaw where actually is the Torvosaurus the main threat. The young sauropod is always the main target. The young comes to drink in the watering hole. But the adult Dinheirosaurus saw the Torvosaurus ambush. The adult blocks the giant carnivore. The sauropod drives the Torvosaurus away. But the predator wants the young Dinheirosaurus. He almost steps in a Miragaia baby and the adults approach to protect the young. The predator is now surrounded by a giant Dinheirosaurus and Miragaias. But the Torvosaurus took down the Dinheirosaurus and ran to his prey. He throws down the young sauropod. The giant carnivore first bites the wounded leg of his prey. But Broken Jaw gets back into action again. The Allosaurus bites the Torvosaurus neck for some seconds. The adult Dinheirosaurus got up and then he kills the Torvosaurus leaning in the back legs and then falling down to the predator's body. After all this the Dinheirosaurus and Broken Jaw reached an agreement. Now the Allosaurus needs to choose between his prey or his enemy. The dead Torvosaurus seems to be the best option. So Broken Jaw eat the dead corpse of a larger predator.


Allosaurus and Dinheirosaurus watching Lusotitans drinking

The dead Torvosaurus is now decomposed and Broken Jaw moves away a pair of Draconyxs to drink in the watering hole, which is almost dry. But the adult Dinheirosaurus rests around the watering hole blocking the way of Broken Jaw. The predator gets to the other side to drink and the sauropod unreacted. Suddenly, the land shakes. Is a approaching herd of Lusotitans. These giants are even bigger than Dinheirosaurus. First, the brachiosaur sauropods begin to drink what remains in the watering hole. Then, they go away and migrate to find more food and water. The local creatures will not drink anything from the watering hole now. With the Lusotitans other creatures, such as Dinheirosaurus and Lourinhanosaurus, go along with them. The small theropod just migrates because the Rhamphorhynchus also follows the herbivores. But Broken Jaw stays on his territory. Now he just needs to wait. Later, he feels a drop of rain on his nose. The rain finnaly came. And with the rain come new prey to keep alive the king of the watering hole!

Survival Tactics Edit


Utahraptor featured in Dinosaur Revolution

In the begining of the episode is shown a cockroach climbing to a turtle shell in the desert of Utah, but a Utahraptor grabs the small reptile and the insect escapes in the Early Cretaceous (126 M.y).



In Utah there's a herd of Cedarosaurus. One of them stops to smell a dung heap. Not far away there's a brown pack of Utahraptors. The pack is looking to the Cedarosaurus. Predators and preys begin to walk. Then, they begin to run. The Cedarosaurus try to run away from the Utahraptors. Then a new pack of Utahraptors (grey now) are also interested in the sauropods. The brown pack continues to chase the Cedarosaurus. But quickly the two rival packs are now running side by side. Both of the packs want to get first to the prey. Finnaly the grey pack took down a young Cedarosaurus. The grey pack is almost to kill the young. But the brown pack arrives and fight with the grey pack. The herd now stops and sees the fight between the raptors. The young Cedarosaurus is forgotten and he walks to his herd but is quickly prevented by something. Is a crocodyliform which his draging out the young from his leg and this alerts the raptors. One Utahraptor blinds the giant reptile in the right eye and the crocodyliform escapes. Before the young being almost killed by the raptors, the adult Cedarosaurus shoots some of the predators with the feet and neck. Now the young is safe in the herd. One of the Utahraptors thrown by the Cedarosaurus falled in the lake and has been eaten by the crocodyliform.



In Madagascar there's a Rahonavis in a tree branch singing in the Late Cretaceous (70 M.y). The small raptor glides to the back of a Rapetosaurus. The sauropod stops to eat some fallen fruits. The Rahonavis lands to eat some scrabs of fruit. Suddenly a Majungasaurus appears and almost steps the raptor to hunt the Rapetosaurus. Later, appears the two babies of the giant Majungasaurus. They chase the Rahonavis but the bird-like dinosaur climbs the tree and escapes. The young theropods continues to smell the raptor. Suddenly, two long tongues capture the youngs. There were two big Beelzebufos that eat baby dinosaurs. A herd of Rapetosaurus approach and the Rahonavis glides to their back. The raptor catches a ride in the herd. In the middle of the herd, one of the Beelzebufos is smashed and his body will fossilize.



In China there's a herd of Shunosaurus foraging in the Middle Jurassic (170 M.y). There's one specific individual called Shroomo. He is always following the herd but is more curious than other Shunosaurus. The adults alert the younger individuals to never eat the wrong mushrooms. But Shroomo was not in the supervision of the adult and the teenager Shunosaurus eated the mushrooms, ence his name. But he is now seeing some hallucinations. Shroomo is confused with his tail club and even with his herd friends. Suddenly a pair of Xuanhanosaurus drives away the Shunosaurus herd. But Shroomo stays in his place, oblivious to the danger. But the teenager sauropod feels the presence of the Xuanhanosaurus. So, Shroomo flees. The predators follow the prey. The confused Shroomo falls down a cliff but his tail club become stuck in a rock. The Xuanhanosaurus arrive to the vulnerable Shunosaurus. The male predator steps down to kill Shroomo. But the herbivore deviates his neck away from the biting Xuanhanosaurus. Suddenly the tail club gets free and Shroomo falls down the cliff with the male Xuanhanosaurus. Shroomo awakes without hallucinations in the bottom of the cliff. He survived the fall because the male Xuanhanosaurus stop the falling. Shroomo come back to his herd. He has learned the lesson: never eat the wrong mushrooms.



In the tropical forests of China there's two Guanlongs in search for a meal in the Middle-Late Jurassic (160 M.y). Not far away, there's a Castorocauda chasing for a jumping fish out of water. The two tyrannosauroids try to catch the aquatic animal. The Castorocauda runs to the smaller outways to escape from the bigger dinosaurs. He hides in a hollow tree log. When one of the Guanlongs watch the hiding Castorocauda the fury animal sprays a liquid that burns the eyes. The other Guanlong made the same error. The hurt Guanlong throws the hollow log with his tail. The hollow log falls in the water and traps a fish. The night arrives and a Volaticotherium glides on the moon light to eat some insects. The Guanlongs are now normal and try to catch the gliding mammal. The dinosaurs can't get to the Volaticotherium. In the tree the mammal is safe. But the predators realize that the Volaticotherium glides a little bit lower in a rock in the middle of the lake. So the Guanlongs try to catch the mammal in the rock. The Volaticotherium begin to glide. So one of the Guanlongs open the mouth, wishing to the mammal lands on it. However, he lands on the Guanlong's crest. But the rock is actually a sleeping Mamenchisaurus. So the giant sauropod gets up and the three animals are now on his back. The Mamenchisaurus awakes in the middle of the lake. However, all that frenzy confusion on his back doesn't afects the sauropod. Finnaly the Volaticotherium glides away from the Guanlongs. The predators jump to a real rock in the middle of the lake. But now they are surrounded by many crocodyliforms and probably they will not survive.

7450048 orig


In the desert of Mongolia there's a old Protoceratops walking alone in the Late Cretaceous (75 M.y). His old body is atracting a group of azhdarchids circling around him. He watches a pair of Velociraptors hunting a female Protoceratops and her baby. The raptor jumps to the female's back. The Velociraptor kills the female using his claw to perfurate her neck. The baby is now in a big trouble! So the Velociraptor chases the young. The young hides in a burrow, but it is not enough to escape from the raptor. Another raptor approaches to the prey. But the old Protoceratops appears and the Velociraptors try to kill him. But the herbivore is to strong for the raptors. So they run to eat the dead female. The Velociraptors eat the corpse with the azhdarchids. Instinctively, the young follows the old Protoceratops for protection. For some days, he stays along with the old male. One day the Velociraptors arrive and try to chase the two. But just in time a herd of Protoceratops approaches and drives away the two raptors. Now the young has a new home in the herd. But the old male continues is travel alone. Finnaly, followed by a group of azhdarchids, the old male is guide to a Protoceratops cemetery. Finnaly, the old male lies down and dies.



In a beach cliff of Brazil there's a colony of Anhangueras in the Early Cretaceous (125 M.y). In a Anhanguera nest there's a mother with a fish on her mouth and three babies screaming for food. But the mother eats the fish and the babies stop to scream. To get food, the mother needs to learn her babies to fly and catch food for themselves. The first young learned how to fly. But he hits on the cliff's wall and dies. Now the next young needs to learn. Amazingly he learned how to fly but his quickly killed by a cannibal Anhanguera. The last young is that we will follow. Our young is thrown by his own moher to the skies. He is falling down the cliff now. He falls down to the beach and survived. He sees his sibling dead being eaten by a group of crabs. One of the crabs nips our young pubis and the Anhanguera chases him. But a Notosuchus appears and interrupts the Anhanguera chase. The crocodyliform chases the pterosaur. Now our young is in trouble because there's another Notosuchus in the Anhanguera's way. He is approaching more and more to the crocodyliform. Suddenly he uses his wings to take flight. Finnaly our young can fly and escapes from the Notosuchus. Our young hunts a crab and comes back to the nest. He eats his prey and his mother is surprised. But she wants to know for sure that his baby is really independent. She waits until his baby finish the meal. Then she throws again his baby to the air and our young prove that he is able to live on his own!

End Game Edit


Jack Palance Tyrannosaurus

10 years before the impact, two Tyrannosaurus rex, Stumpy and Jack Palance, are fighting in a Montana beach in the Late Cretaceous (66 M.y). Jack Palance threats defecating to determine his territory. Then the two T-rexes crash themselves. But Jack Palance eats the right arm of Stumpy. The second male is thrown down by the bigger one. When Stumpy gets up, Jack Palance reclaims his territory in the beach.

9070286 orig

A typical Tyrannosaurus family

In the north american forest, Stumpy is back to his territory with the cut arm. In his territory, there's Tinkerbelle, his mate, and their two babies which are very playful. The two babies are chasing a Pachycephalosaurus. But the small herbivore is too fast and the baby T-rexes are now lost in the forest. But Jack Palance appears in the Stumpy's territory. The intruder male, then, kills the two youngs. A glimpse of three Quetzalcoatlus appears flying above the forest. Stumpy and Tinkerbelle are trying to find their babies but they just found some drops of blood. Then, they realize that the babies are now dead. When night falls Stumpy comforts Tinkerbelle.

1408680593 mavj4ytdbx2qsvk

Tyrannosaurus mating

Tinkerbelle continues despondent by the loss of her babies. The two Tyrannosaurus rex decide to hunt. The two carnivores spot a herd of Triceratops. They kill one of them. the oney with no army whatever he's called and Tinkerbelle, then, eat the dead Triceratops. But Jack Palance appears on the scene. At the begining, the couple doesn't saw the intruder. But it doesn't takes very much to realize his presence. Stumpy prepares to defend his territory. Jack Palance scratches first the ground. Then, Stumpy threats hitting the tail on the ground. The fight begins now. They bite themselves on the snouts. Then, Jack Palance bites Stumpy's neck. But the intruder wants to rip his arm just to be interrupted by Tinkerbelle which bites the intruder's leg. Stumpy recouvers and is back to the battle. He pushes Jack Palance. Finnaly the rival is killed when he falls to the dead Triceratops and his neck is perforated by the horn. At night, the two T-rexes are now safe about their territory. They comfort each other. Finnaly, they mate, making sure of a new generation.


Stumpy and Tinkerbelle, a couple of Tyrannosaurus

Two years later, Tinkerbelle is laying a clutch of eggs. Stumpy wants to get closer but he is quickly driven away. The nest is made with dung, just like modern swifts. But the nest is made close to a cave which can hide some nasty egg thieves. The rain as come. But the water can sufocate the embryo inside the egg. But Tinkerbelle ears the water inside the nest, so she makes a hole on it. So the water gets out and the eggs are back on safety. But in the same night, a pack of Troodons approaches to the nest. Stumpy appears just in time and catches a Troodon which was grabbing an egg. Months later, the egg is now already to hatch. But the parents realize that just one egg has survived after a mammal attack. The egg is hatched in Tinkerbelle's mouth and then comes a baby called Junior. The couple is now happy with their new feathered baby. But we can not forget about the asteroid which is almost to collide with the Earth in few years.


Junior, a teenager Tyrannosaurus

Years later, in the day of the asteroid impact, an Ankylosaurus is awaking from a long sleep. This armoured herbivore is constipated but is not the disease which will kill him. The herbivore walks to the beach. He is finding for some berries around. The asteroid is becoming closer and closer. A passing Pachycephalosaurus hides from a pair of Troodons hiding in the belly of the giant herbivore. The raptor is almost to kill the small herbivore. But suddenly, the Ankylosaurus sits on one of the Troodons. The prey escapes and, when the armoured herbivore gets up, the Troodons stop to comfort each other. The family of T-rexes see the Ankylosaurus but they know that he is to much armoured for them. Just Junior, which is now a teenager, is curious about him. However, the Ankylosaurus is not a really safe toy for the young T-rex. The Troodons are watching the dude Tyrannosaurus rex. Junior bites the Ankylosaurus tail club. Then, the T-rex payed the price by the swipe of the herbivore's tail. But Junior is quickly distracted by the Troodons. The asteroid is almost to collide with our planet. Just before, the Ankylosaurus goes sleeping and Junior continues to chase the raptors. The giant 10 km wide rock continues to fall to Earth and the life continues oblivious to the danger. Just in time, Junior and the Troodons hide in a cave. Outside of the cave, many living things are killed. The asteroid impacts with the force of millions of atomic bombs. After the chock waves, the strong burning cloud of dust destroys almost everything around. This will determine the end of the age of the dinosaurs. And those who survived also needed to face with dangerous tsunamis. And also the cloud of dust makes the planet a total grey world. Strong earthquakes shange also the dark face of the planet. And even strong vulcanic eruptions (mostly in India) aterrorizes the surviving life.


A young Tyrannosaurus

In the dark planet the ashes covers most of the Earth's surface. But Junior has survived all the adversities against him. He sees his parents dead by the burning cloud of ash. But a mammal distracts him and, trying to catch it, Junior falls down a cliff. The fall kills the young T-rex. In the mating season of the Troodons they need to adapt and continue against the adversities. One particular pair not yet layed a single egg. But, suddenly, a dust storm forces them to hide on a cave. They must stay here to survive from the cold nuclear winter. The female finnaly layed some eggs but she needs to hunt, so the male hatches them. After chasing a cockroach she is driven to the Junior's carcass. The dead T-rex provides food for many time. But she is so distracted with the carcass that will discouver a very big disappointment. She even sleeps close to her food suply.

Maxresdefault (1)

Troodon in the mouth of a dead young Tyrannosaurus

With the loss of sun, comes the snow and our Troodon female awakes in a polar habitat. She finds his mate, as normal, sitting in the nest. But she realizes that he is actually frozen. With the frozen male, all the eggs have become frozen as well (except one). To make sure that her egg is safe she grabs it and walks to the dead Junior. She hatches the egg on the warm T-rex mouth. In this frozen world the Troodon is almost close to the extinction. But the Dinosaur Revolution continues because the dinosaur legacy continues with the birds (enantiornithes, geese, hawks, sparrows...) until today and possibly for much, much further.