The scene of the Great Plains is shown in the first episode (Evolution Winners) with the Mosasaur as the main character.

Cast Edit

In Evolution Winners it is shown the Great Plains in Western North America at the Late Cretaceous period (75 M.y) where was submerged in a big sea. It is first shown a small group of Navajodactylus (or Quetzalcoatlus) flying above the ocean. Then we see a Tylosaur (or Mosasaur) giving birth to some babies. However, most of the young mosasaurs are hunted by Cretolamna or Cretoxyrhina sharks. Just one young gets to the surface to breed and hides from the sharks in the middle of corals and algaes. The baby calls the mother and she is driven into action. They kill all the sharks and returns with it's baby, giving birth to more one young.

Animals Edit

  • Navajadactylus; Quetzalcoatlus
  • Mosasaur; Tylosaur
  • Cretolamna; Cretoxyrhina

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