1x1 Inostrancevia
Creature information
Scientific name : Inostrancevia alexandri
Time period : Late Permian period
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Appearances : Evolution's Winners

Inostrancevia was a genus of gorgonopsid which lived during the late Permian period before the devastating mass extinction preceding the beginning of the Triassic period.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Inostrancevia was a type of gorgonopsid.  Gorgonopsids belong to a group of reptiles with mammalian similarities, appropriately named "animal-like vertebrates".  Some of these animals laid eggs but when their young hatched, they would suckle their mother for milk.  Inostrancevia was an apex predator.  This animal hunted big game using their large sabre teeth.  These teeth are remarkably similar to those of the more recent group of animals called a "sabre-toothed tiger".  These teeth were most likely used to puncture its prey's trachea, preventing it from breathing.  Like those of sabre-toothed tigers, gorgonopsid's canine teeth were probably also very fragile and would use their incisors to cut flesh off a carcass and their molars to crush bones.

Inostrancevia roaring to defend his meal.

Inostrancevia measured 3.5 metres (11.5 ft) in length.  This easily makes it the largest gorgonopsid (discounting birds as only a few fragments of this animals have been discovered).

In Walking with MonstersEdit

DR1x1 Inostrancevia 44

An Inostrancevia being incinerated by a lava flow. (Evolution's Winners)

Evolution's WinnersEdit

An Inostrancevia was walking in the barren, light, Permian landscape, almost stepping on a cockroach. Giant parts of molten rock were being thrown in the background. He walked to another Inostrancevia, only to find that it was dead. Furthermore, a third Inostrancevia was feeding on the second one, hinting that the apocalypse has begun and that little food was around, so they resorted to cannibalism.

DR Inostrancevia

Inostrancevia roaring.

They roared at each other, threatening over food, until a rock hits the carcass and they both run away, but the cannibal Inostrancevia is hit by another rock, and is killed by it. The hungry Inostrancevia survives and leaps onto a big rock before the ground breaks apart and lava bubbles up. It goes to the edge of the cliff, and rests, roaring and watching as it's own world came to a end.