This is the list of scientific errors in this documentary.

The Evolution Winners Edit

  1. Inostrancevia died before the Permian mass extinction.
  2. Ischigualastia model is based of Placerias, a left over from when it was set to be used.
  3. Eoraptor could be Omnivorous.
  4. Gigantoraptor was too big to jump.
  5. Mosasaurus, and other mosasaurs, would have more than likely had a tail fluke.
  6. Varanoids did not lived in Antarctica 194 million years ago because the first varanoid is called, Arcanosaurus, One of the oldest varanoids is 125 million years old.
  7. both Cryolophosaurus and Glacialisaurus should be covered with proto-feathers because they lived at the South Pole.
  8. The True Pterosaurs was covered by Bat-like fur, (Pycnofibres).

The Watering Hole Edit

  1. Dinheirosaurus has since been deturmined to be a species of Supersaurus.
  2. The True Ornitholestes was covered with feathers
  3. Broken Jaw did not live in Portugal, if not in North America. This is also for Ornitholestes.

Survival Tactics Edit

  1. The real Guanlong was covered with proto-feathers.
  2. The real Mamenchisaurus could not dive into the water.
  3. It is believed that the true Protoceratops had Psittacosaurus-like Quills.

The End Game Edit

  1. Not only youngsters T.rex could have feathers, but adults as well.

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