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The young male shunosaurus on his own.
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Shunosaurus is a species of sauropod with a distinct feature: a club on its tail, like that of Ankylosaurus. Shunosaurus (nicknamed Shroomo by Fans) appears in episode 3 of Dinosaur Revolution, Survival Tactics. A herd of Shunosaurus is seen foraging for food. A young male Shunosaurus accidentally e
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ts the wrong mushrooms, having hallucinations in the process, and was attacked by two Sinraptors. The Shunosaurus crushes one Sinraptor, while the other vanishes after it is struck in the face by his tail club. In the end, the Shunosaurus rejoined his herd, now having learned not to eat the wrong mushrooms.[165-155]
The young male's mother and father.
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