Siberia is the home of the Permian predator Inostrancevia. In Dinosaur Revolution, the scene of Siberia appears in the first episode (Evolution Winners).

Cast Edit

in the begining of Dinosaur Revolution it is shown a vulcanic landscape at the Permian-Triassic massive extinction event (250 M.y.). It is first seen a cockroach walking in the soil, but it is almost stepped by a giant theriodont (identified as Inostrancevia). It was probably one of the last gorgonopsids in the world. One Inostrancevia is found walking to find food. Then he founds another Inostrancevia eating another of it's own kind. However, the two Inostrancevias made a fight of roars, until a meteorite falls and destroys the carcass. The two carnivores ran away, but one of them is killed by another meteorite. Then the last Inostrancevia dies in a blow of lava.

DR1x1 Inostrancevia 44

A siberian Inostrancevia incinerated by a splash of lava.

Animals Edit

  • Cockroach
  • Inostrancevia

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