Sequences include:

  • A Utahraptor pack hunt (other creatures: turtle, Cedarosaurus, crocodylomorph)
  • A sequence featuring a Rahonavis which portrays the species as being capable of climbing trees in Madagascar (other creatures: Rapetosaurus, Majungasaurus, Beelzebufo)

    A nest with Anhanguera chicks.

  • An Anhanguera brood learning to fly in Brazil, 125 MYA (other creatures: Crab, Crocodylomorph)
  • Sequences featuring mammals such as Castorocauda and Volaticotherium also two Guanlong chasing them in China (other creatures: crocodylomorph, Mamenchisaurus)
    7450048 orig

    The Velociraptor featured in Survival Tactics.

  • A Protoceratops male voyaging with a baby and fending off Velociraptor in the Gobi Desert, 75 MYA (other creatures: azhdarchid)

    A pair of Shunosaurus.

  • A Shunosaurus juvenile eating red mushrooms and unusually fending off two Sinraptor in China