Creature information
Scientific name : Tylosaurus proriger
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Primary diet : Carnivores
In the series
Fatalities caused : One Shark
Appearances : Evolution's Winners

Tylosaurus proriger was actually the proper creature in the Evolution's Winners episode of Dinosaur Revolution as identified here

It is one of the largest of the mosasaurs, reaching lengths of 46 ft.


Parental CareEdit

Tylosaurus may not been a caring parent, as seen in the episode although it is debated at the time. Tylosaurus may have lived alone and it almost certainly could harm an animal like Archelon. 


Mother mososaur eating a shark


Tylosaurus hunted nearly every creature in its' enviorment, including Cretoxyrhina, Archelon, Elasmosaurus, and Hesperornis.


The meat eating head of a Tylosaurus.

Dinosaur Revolution vs. Mosasaur Rampage vs. Squalicorax Sharks 1

Tylosaurus killing and devouring a shark


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