One day, in China, 125 million years ago, some Birds flew out of a tree because they were disturbed. The reason: a Raptorex named Rex had quills in his face and was running out of pain and dashed out of the forest. "OW, OW, OW, IT HURTS! MUST GET THEM OUT!" he thought as he scratched at it to get them out. He looked back, where he saw his attackers, a gang of angry Psittacosaurus run off into the woods. "I hate those guys." Rex throught. When.... "OOGEATFEATHERTHINGY! OOGEATFEATHERTHINGY!" "Huh?" Rex Thought. It was a Repenomamus named Oog who was chasing a Microraptor. Unfortantly, he ran past a Crocodile who was not happy for him to interupt his slumber. HISSSS! Oog hesitated for a moment: "Oog must... Oog must... Oog must... EAT SCALLYTOOTHEDTHINGY!" and tried to bite him on the snout, or tried to. Still, the crocodile felt even he was no match for it, and started to head back to the river where Oog could not get him. Oog still tried to get him, but he could not. "OOGANGRY!OOGANGRY!" Some Bolongs came to get a drink. Oog took his anger out on them. "OOGKILLYOU.OOGKILLYOU!OOGKILLYOU!OOGSOMAD,OOGGOHOME!" and he went back home. A few minutes later, Rex came out from behind a tree. "He won't give a shit about calming down." He thought, as he watched Oog head back into his den. Rex headed over to Oog's den and started kicking Crap in the den. "He won't give a-" "OOGANGRY!" "YIKES! I WAS AN IDIOT TO DO THAT!" as he ran with

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